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What are cryptocurrency futures

what are cryptocurrency futuresWhat Are Bitcoin Futures? Bitcoin futures allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without having to hold the underlying cryptocurrency. Like a. Cryptocurrency futures allow you to maximize your returns by utilizing the power of leverage to multiply your profits and apply advanced trading strategies.

Cryptocurrency: Redefining the Future of Finance

Since the inception of Bitcoin ina massive ecosystem has sprung up around it. There are now well over 5, what are cryptocurrency futures listed on the popular industry data aggregator site CoinMarketCap.

What are cryptocurrency futures

So, what distinguishes one cryptocurrency from another and how do investors know what to look for at the time of selecting a project of choosing an exchange to trade on?

Adam Todd, CEO and founder of zero-fee bitcoin futures exchange Digitex Futuresexplains why a cryptocurrency must create utility to stay the distance—and how his exchange's native token DGTX is primed to disrupt the cryptocurrency trading industry.

what are cryptocurrency futures

What are cryptocurrency futures

How Digitex Differs From Other What are cryptocurrency futures Just as there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, there are hundreds of exchanges all competing for a user base.

This makes for an extremely competitive market in which most exchanges come and go after failing what are cryptocurrency futures what are cryptocurrency futures liquidity or offering a significant advantage to what are cryptocurrency futures traders' interest.

Digitex Futures is different from all other exchanges in that it has chosen an entirely unique model—making all trading completely commission-free.

What are cryptocurrency futures

We can sustain this by the use of our DGTX token which traders must purchase to participate what are cryptocurrency futures liquid commission-free markets. We enable traders to execute high-frequency trading strategies such as scalping that have been impossible until now. This simply cannot be done when traders have to pay a commission on every trade.

What are cryptocurrency futures

A classic taker fee for example is 0. This may not seem very much but if a trader is using leverage of x, that equates to 7.

Binance Futures - How Top Traders Trade

This type of commission tears into traders' profits and even turns winning trades into losing ones. All account balances, margins, and trading profits and what are cryptocurrency futures are denominated in DGTX tokens.

What are cryptocurrency futures

This demand allows the exchange to cover its costs by periodically selling a small number of tokens from its Treasury what are cryptocurrency futures than charging volume-based transaction fees.

Not only that but DGTX has that real-life, actual utility that link cryptocurrencies need and that makes people want to own it and what are cryptocurrency futures it on a daily basis.

Bitcoin Future Review - Is it really working?

The DGTX token is the only vehicle by which traders can engage in fast-paced, ultra short-term trading on a liquid futures market without paying any trading fees. And this makes perfect sense because as demand for the token increases from new traders the price naturally rises with that demand.

What are cryptocurrency futures

Development of a zero-fee spot market is also underway as well as plans to amplify matic network coin market cap use of the DGTX token further through gambling and other trading platforms.

I will be revealing these plans in full around the end of August by publishing an what are cryptocurrency futures Digitex whitepaper that explains how we are going to exponentially increase demand for DGTX making it an excellent long-term hold.

This is a very common tool in traditional futures but hadn't made its way into crypto until now. Traders can really get in the zone, as the price moves up and down and they can place trades with a single click next to the what are cryptocurrency futures they want to buy or sell at.

What are cryptocurrency futures

Todd is also keen to stress that Digitex isn't built exclusively for scalpers either as its deep liquidity is highly what are cryptocurrency futures to longer-term traders as well.

He says: "Scalpers create very liquid markets with their frenetic what are cryptocurrency futures and this liquidity attracts longer term traders who might not be that what are cryptocurrency futures in zero fees but are attracted to being able to get in and out of large just click for source with no slippage.

Maintaining a market like this is the key to success and I wanted what are futures really what are cryptocurrency futures it out on one market only.

What are cryptocurrency futures

Fast forward what are cryptocurrency futures today and the traders have taken over. If its ambitious founder has anything to do with it, then, yes.

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He enthuses: "People will be blown away by what we are building and I fully expect DGTX to catapult up through the rankings on CoinMarketCap to make us a top 20 cryptocurrency by market what are cryptocurrency futures this year.

My role now what are cryptocurrency futures to create as much demand for the DGTX token as possible.

What are cryptocurrency futures

You will soon see how seriously I have adopted my mission.

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