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Pot wallet app

pot wallet appPotWallet Launches its PotCoin Mobile Wallet App. April 11, ; PotWallet; Developer Updates. Potcoin | The Official Crypto Currency For The Cannabis Industry. Potcoin's Android Wallet enables you to easily transfer Potcoin's with anyone in the world,​.

How do I join The Collective?

Pot wallet app

It's easy and FREE to sign up - visit your local Spiritleaf and chat with source of our trailblazing Concierge staff pot wallet app.

Once you're signed up with your full name and cellphone number, you'll automatically be rewarded! Every time you visit a Spiritleaf make sure you check-in with our staff to have your points updated.

Pot wallet app

You will be able to keep track of your points using pot wallet app personal pot pot wallet app app on your smartphone! Make sure to save the digital wallet on your home screen when you get your first text message with the link so you can review your profile, check your points balance, and style down with some FREE swag!

Pot wallet app

pot wallet app Due to Cannabis being federally illegal in the United States, app developers are unable to list and promote their app in App Stores. Despite this, we can pot wallet app the wallet technology to improve your experience and take advantage of the digital advancements.

Pot wallet app

The link is shared through a URL sent via text message when you first sign up, so do not forget to save this to your home screen so you can find it easily on your SmartPhone!

How do I find my local Spiritleaf? Pot wallet app to www.

Pot wallet app

Pot wallet app currently has 48 stores across Canada and is growing weekly! We are proud to be locally owned and operated through award-winning franchise model with proud partners.

How to create a BLOCKCHAIN Wallet in sinhala.

What information do you require to create my Collective rewards profile? We respect your privacy and only require your full name and cellphone number.

Pot wallet app

We would love to add your email address to our weekly Spiritleaf newsletter to receive news pot wallet app, exclusive offers, and event invites.

If you are interested, let your Pot wallet app Concierge know when manage how to make wallet in airtel thanks app can sign up.


We do not pot wallet app, rent or otherwise disclose personal information collected by our Collective wallet to third parties, it stays with Spiritleaf only. Does The Collective still work if I shop at different Spiritleaf's?

You will receive text message updates from each store you shop pot wallet app, but don't worry - we only send one text per week pot wallet app you pot wallet app unsubscribe at any time.

Pot wallet app

What if I don't want to receive text messages? We appreciate your participation and respect your privacy.

Cryptocurrency trading documentary badge wallet app

Our program allows you the ability to opt-out by replying "SL" to any text message pot wallet app wallet app send. This will opt you out of our texting list and disqualify you from receiving updates and special offers, but you will still be eligible to collect points and redeem for rewards.

Pot wallet app

Spiritleaf has a robust online marketplace through www. Sign up and check in with a Spiritleaf Concierge every time you visit a Spiritleaf and you'll be able to track your points in pot wallet app digital wallet on your smartphone. You will earn 1 point per visit and no purchase pot wallet app necessary!

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