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Nucleus vision hyderabad address

nucleus vision hyderabad addressFounded in at Harvard University, Nucleus Vision is backed by Tim Draper, IndusAge Partners and several other prominent industry players. Nucleus has. Nucleus Vision Launches Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network. HYDERABAD, India, Nov. 26, /PRNewswire/ -- Nucleus Vision, an IoT.

NucleusVision formerly known as Bell Boi Inc.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address

In India, NucleusVision has been working with several state source, like Telangana, Assam and Goa to foster mainstream blockchain adoption in India.

Ans: Nucleus Vision is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously inaccessible customer data to offline retailers through blockchain and real-time sensor technology.

Nucleus Vision Gets Patent for a Network-Agnostic Single Sign-On System

By building a secure blockchain based information network for IDs captured, Nucleus Vision aims to protect consumers privacy, while mining intelligence using neural models, and integrating its nCash tokens, to create the largest global loyalty rewards nucleus vision hyderabad address.

A serial nucleus vision hyderabad address and seasoned management professional, Abhishek dropped out of Harvard Business School to realize his vision for Nucleus Vision.

Nucleus Vision Launches Real-Time Dashboard for Offline Retailers

Abhishek drew inspiration from his childhood experiences helping his father with their retail business. Incepted at Harvard business school, Nucleus Vision aims to offer a personalized shopping experience for customers in brick and mortar stores and has been disrupting retail nucleus vision hyderabad address we see it today.

Prior to Nucleus Vision, Abhishek worked as an aeronautical engineer for Nucleus vision hyderabad address and as a management consultant for The Blackstone Group.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address

How did you start working on this idea? Abhishek had been observing the problems faced by nucleus vision hyderabad address brick-and-mortar stores since his childhood nucleus vision hyderabad address was keen on solving the problem.

After article source first year of MBA, Abhishek pitched his startup idea and got thrilled to see his own vision coming into life.


During the fall of nucleus vision hyderabad address second year, he spent most of his time nucleus vision hyderabad address to brands, retailers, investors, and technology companies to understand the problem he was trying to solve.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address pitched his idea to venture capitalist Tim Draper, who was impressed by the idea and agreed to back the company and came on board as one of the early nucleus vision hyderabad address href="https://magazin-id.ru/address/difference-between-btc-and-bch-address.html">just click for source. Nucleus Vision has developed the proprietary ION Sensor technology that seamlessly identifies customer presence in retail stores.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address

The sensors are also capable of sensing physical parameters including temperature, pressure, acceleration, sound, and motion.

Neuron, a state-of-the-art deep learning platform, backs the IoT nucleus vision hyderabad address and creates real-time customer personas using the collected data. Nucleus Vision technology outperforms many other solutions in terms of seamless consumer adoption and real-time indoor accuracy.

Hyderabad to host blockchain conference in August

Most of the current technologies are dependent on Wifi tags, RFID or Bluetooth nucleus vision hyderabad address, which could provide only limited customer intelligence. Nucleus Vision has created check this out blockchain network for secure data transition among all the nodes.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address

This layer gives complete control to the customers over their personal data. Early days struggle. We had to find the right talent nucleus vision hyderabad address put more efforts into product research and development.

So, it took us three years to develop the platform.

Hyderabad hosts maiden International Blockchain Congress

We had to face some hurdles in getting approvals from the regulators and it was long gestation period to materialize our nucleus vision hyderabad address with telecom players. Funding received if any Nucleus Vision is backed by Tim Draper, one nucleus vision hyderabad address the most successful venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

There are many other investors who trusted the potential of our disruptive technology github bitfinex bot been with us click our journey.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address

User base you have achieved till now. We have launched pilot projects with leading fashion brands, quick service restaurants, and big-box retailers in India.

Nucleus Vision Launches Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network

During all these pilots, we have gathered the behavioral patterns of more nucleus vision hyderabad address hundred thousand customers. Our existing customers are excited about the value the solution has brought for them and want to expand the scope of partnership with us by implementing the technology in more number of stores.

New Areas if you are looking to expand.

Nucleus vision hyderabad address

There are enormous opportunities to implement Nucleus Vision technology in other industry as well. However, we are focused on retail as of now.


Future plans nucleus nucleus vision hyderabad address hyderabad address We have been working on expanding our scope from fashion retail to multiple retail formats including restaurants and big-box retailers.

We are working to expand our presence in a few more countries in Asia. We are also exploring partnership avenues in Korea while growing our footprints in India.

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