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First blood punk

first blood punkCALI NOVA WE ARE THE SKULLINGTONS, a punk rock band from Honefoss, Norway. We are proud to present to you our demo "FIRST BLOOD"! This is the first. California's Bay Area, better known for it's strong punk scene hasn't been this scared in years. First Blood has torn through Northern California like a bowie knife.

LIVE AND LOUD I Spesial Bersama First blood #Rawcam

here We got to talk about the new albums long first blood punk, the upcoming tour and some other cool things. AFL: Hey how first blood punk you?

Why has it been taken so long to release your new record?

First Blood \

Some fans already had the fear that you will never release something new! CARL: Things are great man.

First blood punk

Yeah, of course we are siked to finally bring a new album to the world. So yeah, the life adjustment just kept me out of the writing game for a little longer than anticipated.

First Blood - Rules - CD

It seems you are very pissed about the rules off today! Do you first blood punk the rules getting more and more these days?

First blood punk

CARL: Well, you may have figured out that every song is about a rule. Many rules.

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Many people base their entire lives on predetermined sets first blood punk rules, but first blood punk enough first blood punk question who sets first blood punk rules and why. In the end, we are all victims to some extent of the rules we live by.

First blood punk

Of course we are just a mosh band, but this new record gets to the point quicker with more of the songs in my opinion. I wanted the new https://magazin-id.ru/address/how-to-get-monero-wallet-address.html RULES to have a more positive, uplifting vibe despite all first blood punk shit going on in the world today still.


We toured our ass off for that album in nearly every country in the world that had a hardcore or first blood punk music scene.

More push.

First blood punk

More support. How came it that you take part of the tour?

File:First Blood With Full Force 2018 04.jpg

AFL: Which band you personally like most on the line-up of the tour? As for first first blood punk punk European bands on the tour, of course RISK IT is killer at what they do, and first blood punk have been doing it hard for several years now.

Plus, they can definitely teach me a thing or two on how to just chill the fuck out and learn to have a first blood punk time in life haha. AFL: How do you see especially the European hardcore-punk scene at the moment?

First blood punk

What are your all-time favorite bands from Europe? I will never forget them taking care of us on my first tour ever in europe. So yeah, Def First blood punk is my favorite band haha.

First blood punk

AFL: Thanks cheap vps hosting the interview. Have you any last words or something to add?

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