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Wmz account create

wmz account createIf you're sure you did, create a ticket to the WM Technical Support service. Make sure you specify your phone number and the name of your mobile operator in it. Brief descriptionPurse typesPurse managementKeeper Standard (Mini)Keeper WinPro (Classic)Keeper WebPro (Light)Keeper MobileKeeper for social.

Wmz account create

Change of registration data Change of last name, first name or middle name Member of the system wmz account create change last name, first name or middle name only with the help https://magazin-id.ru/account/how-to-withdraw-bitcoin-to-bank-account-sinhala.html WM-Passport service.

If you need to correct the data you entered in the system during wmz account create registration, for example: Translation into another language Change of the last name at marriage or after a divorce Change of the last name first name on one's own accord Please login the System using your WMID and create an application in Webmoney Passport service, please specify which wmz account create is incorrect and the reason why it is incorrect and put the correct spelling.

Please attach to the application wmz account create color scan or color photo of your wmz account create and the copy of the document confirming the change of name only in cases of changing the last name at marriage or after a divorce or on one's own accord.

Wmz account create

Change of other passport data and other wmz account create These changes member of the system can make himself on WM-Passport service web site Change data Change of intentionally false data If user during the registration in the system entered false data then it is necessary to follow these steps: Sing up in the system with new WMID; Receive Personal WM Passport for the new WMID Print the application wmz account create fill the form strictly in accordance with the rules listed in application form supplement ; The signature wmz account create the application should be certified by a notary, if you click it by mail; Provide an application to the WM-Passport Service Center personally or send by registered mail without declaration of value.

Change of mobile phone number More info of WebMoney system wmz account create change his mobile phone number: On his own initiative, in control panel on Wmz account create service web site.

Wmz account create the help of WM-Passport service admin Detailed instruction how to change phone number. how to bitcoin account create tamil

Wmz account create

We https://magazin-id.ru/account/how-open-a-bitcoin-account.html account create you to register in E-num Service and activate Wmz account create operation confirmation.

Then you will be able instantly change your phone number in your WM passport by loggin in WM control panel with E-num confirmation.

Wmz account create

After you change phone number in your WM Passport please change phone number in E-num account. Change of email address Member of WebMoney system may change his email address: By wmz account create on WM-Passport wmz account create web site control panelin case if he has access to current email address.

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