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Eve isk rmt

eve isk rmtmagazin-id.ru › Is-it-safe-to-buy-EVE-ISK-RMT. Well, although RMT is strictly forbidden by CCP, but if you purchase in small amount ,ccp will not notice or care about you, some RMT seller have many.

Eve isk rmt

I decide to play care-bear for awhile eve isk rmt I get my accounts all trained up to the point where I want them before going into WH space that is besides the point however. Eve isk rmt anyways between Last week, and this week I made a eve isk rmt of a lot of sells, I put a lot of contracts up with Items worth Millions to corp eve isk rmt I eve isk rmt, and un-official corp members aka players that wanted to have their alts remain outside of Corp to avoid war-decks and so on I traded them items in contracts for 0 ISK, which is click my choice, I asked them and trusted them to pay me directly in ISK.

Eve isk rmt

This isn't eve isk rmt a scam, I was never scammed, I got my ISK as they sent it directly, I also did some station trades in the game for 0 ISK, and apparently one of my transactions got flagged by a GM for some reason click at this page league legends account diamond buy of it eve isk rmt this.

I just woke up the next day to see that the ISK was at negative Million without a reason and saw this from a GM which obviously can't prove that it is a RMT transaction otherwise they would eve isk rmt suspended the account. Game Companies like CCP need to wake up and understand that you can't eve isk rmt suspend, or remove ISK from a players account without having absolute proof that there is involvement in a RMT transaction of course you can, but obviously there is no proof here as there was no suspension just a login to game, and negative million without knowing exactly what went wrong.

Eve isk rmt

Absolutely not it means I gave the items to them for a said reason, and neither party should be required to give a reason.

I can understand why a player like myself could get flagged with all the 0 ISK transaction contracts and trades I eve isk rmt done the last couple of weeks because I have been saving up ISK like crazy and have 5 accounts actively doing industry last week before I let them expire to take a 5 day break.

Eve isk rmt

But to remove ISK or items from another eve isk rmt account without providing any reason makes this equal to what Square Enix does with their automated ban systems banning all players who had over 8 million GIL just eve isk rmt they had to manually investigate each account.

I bet the GM looking at eve isk rmt transaction did not even think about looking at the 5 accounts I have on EVE, or bother checking eve isk rmt accounts transaction history after I made a bunch of big trades.

Eve isk rmt

And just logging eve isk rmt in eve isk rmt sitting in Jita all day, here is the funny thing. CCP removes only 1.

Eve isk rmt

I guess you could add https://magazin-id.ru/account/buy-a-smurf-account.html reason to some of my previous complaints to why I might drop EVE again unless they fix this, and the time I am likely going to have to wait for them to fix it.

As far as my personal stance on RMT, Eve isk rmt really Don't care unranked smurfs account it or what people do with their money, all I care about is that the business you are running is legit meaning no spamming in chat, no selling items eve isk rmt compromised accounts, and no botting otherwise I don't care, personally I have my own ways to make my own ISK in EVE rather than pay money for useless Eve isk rmt with 5 eve isk rmt.

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