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How to find kraken

how to find krakenThe Kraken is a beast that emerges from the depths of the ocean, and as such, it's logical to expect to find it in the middle of the wide open high. Where to Find the Kraken. The Kraken is a random encounter that can happen at any time almost anywhere in the Sea of Thieves. Krackpng.

How to find kraken

Players come across plenty of creatures and bosses as they and their crewmates sail the high seas how to find kraken the game — snakes, skeletons and megalodon sharks included.

But of all the bosses players face in Sea Of Thievesone of the most daunting is the almighty Kraken — an eight-tentacled behemoth hellbent on destroying any pirate ships that cross its path.

How to find kraken

Players say the Kraken has become how to find kraken to fight since the updates, but how to find kraken beast can be defeated. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

How to find kraken

Encounters with the Kraken are random but the monster tends to favor wide-open ocean rather than shallow waters, so players can increase how to find kraken likelihood of crossing paths with the creature by sticking to the high seas. Not only can they cause serious damage article source ships, but they can also grab crewmates and throw how to find kraken in how to find kraken ocean — which how to find kraken be dangerous as the how to find kraken waters are poisonous.

Players can use more info and how to find kraken to fight the tentacles but one of the best ways to attack them is with a cannonball.

How to find kraken

The best bet for how to find kraken grabbed by a tentacle is to hack at them with a cutlass until it releases them. This varies depending on what type of vessel players are sailing, with sloops having to defeat two to three tentacles but galleons having to defeat up to all eight tentacles.

When its tentacles retreat into the sea and the inky murk leaves the waters, players have successfully killed the Kraken.

How to find kraken

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