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Ebay uk shop

ebay uk shopNo information is available for this page. Thousands of small businesses in the UK now earn their primary income from eBay, and with 96 million unique monthly visitors to the eCommerce site, who can.

Ebay uk shop

Tips and rules for Store names You can change your eBay Store name at any time, and as often as you like. However, we recommend that you carefully consider your decision to change your Store ebay uk shop, as any bookmarks to your page ebay uk shop by your buyers, or ebay uk shop marketing links you've created, will no longer work.

Ebay uk shop

Ebay uk shop addition, your Store will be ranked as a new site in some ebay uk shop engine results if you change your Store name. In the Display Settings ebay uk shop, click the Change link and make your edits.

Ebay uk shop

Tips and ebay uk shop for Store names Choose a name that immediately lets buyers know what you're selling. For example, a straightforward name like "Ben's Computers" will be more helpful ebay uk shop buyers than a less descriptive name. A straightforward Store name can also help search engines find your Store when buyers are looking for your items.

Ebay uk shop

Also, you can't use a name that contains the word eBay, Half. Learn more about Trademarked items and domain name basics.


Your Store name can be your eBay user ID, as long as it meets these guidelines. Contact Customer Service If you have an ebay uk shop question about this subject, email us visit web page Customer Service.

Ebay uk shop

If you would like to ask a question on another subject, please ebay uk shop the Contact Us page. Contact us Have a question?

Ebay uk shop

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