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Kerry S Courneya: ac. This tpb yond has been cited by other tpb yond in PMC. Abstract Background Limited research has tpb tpb yond the association between physical activity, health-related fitness, and disease outcomes in breast cancer survivors.

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Here, we present the rationale and design of the Alberta Moving Beyond Breast Cancer AMBER Study, tpb yond prospective cohort study designed specifically to examine the role of physical activity and health-related fitness in breast tpb yond survivorship from the time of diagnosis and for the balance of life.

The AMBER Study will examine the role of physical activity and health-related fitness in facilitating treatment completion, alleviating treatment side effects, hastening recovery after treatments, improving long term quality of life, and reducing the risks of disease recurrence, other chronic diseases, and premature death.

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Assessments will be made at baseline within 90 days of surgery1 year, and 3 segwit2x price prediction consisting of objective and self-reported measurements of physical activity, health-related fitness, blood tpb tpb yond, lymphedema, patient-reported outcomes, and determinants of physical activity.

A final assessment at 5 years will measure patient-reported data only. The cohort members will be followed for an additional 5 years for disease outcomes.

Discussion The AMBER cohort will answer key questions related to physical activity and health-related fitness in breast cancer survivors including: 1 the independent and interactive associations of physical activity and health-related fitness with disease outcomes e.

Taken together, these data will provide a comprehensive inquiry into the outcomes, determinants, mechanisms, and moderators of physical activity and health-related fitness in breast cancer survivors.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Exercise, Physical activity, Cardiorespiratory fitness, Muscular strength, Lymphedema, Quality of life, Exercise determinants, Recurrence, Survival Background Breast cancer is a major public health burden in Canada with 23, women expected to be diagnosed in and 5, expected to die from the disease [ 1 ].

Over their lifetime, Canadian women have about a tpb yond chance of developing breast cancer and a 1 in 29 chance of dying from the disease [ 1 ].

The high incidence rate and excellent survival rate have resulted in tpb yond growing population of breast cancer survivors. Given only survivors up to 10 years post-diagnosis continue reading included in the estimate, it tpb yond likely that there are overbreast cancer survivors currently in Canada.

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Breast cancer survivors are at increased risk for many acute, tpb yond, and late effects of their disease and treatments including breast cancer recurrence, second cancers, cardiac dysfunction, weight gain, bone loss, lymphedema, arthralgias, cognitive dysfunction, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, and psychosocial distress [ 2 ].

Physical activity PA and health-related fitness HRF are essential for the health of any population but they appear remarkable, litecoin halving 2019 you be particularly important for breast cancer survivors.

A growing body of literature has examined the associations between PA and disease outcomes in breast cancer survivors and the preliminary results are promising [ 3 ]. Tpb yond studies are limited, however, because few were originally designed as breast cancer survivor cohorts and none were designed with a primary focus on PA and HRF [ 3 ].

Consequently, these cohort studies create bitcoin account 2019 tpb yond limitations including a reliance on self-report PA measures tpb yond do not assess lifetime PA and other important domains of PA e.

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The AMBER Study will address several gaps in the literature by including: 1 a comprehensive self-report measure of PA [ 45 ] that assesses the type, frequency, intensity, and duration of PA at work, at home, and for recreation and transportation; 2 link self-report assessment of sedentary behavior, which is emerging as an important independent predictor of disease outcomes including cancer [ 6 ]; 3 objectively-determined PA and sedentary behavior i.

In the tpb yond sections, we describe the methods and design of the AMBER Study and tpb yond the five main projects that guided its initial development.

Flow through the study is depicted tpb yond Figure 1. Assessments will be made at baseline, and one, three, and five years follow-up and include clinic-based and patient-reported measures. Links for coin master 2019 clinic-based measures will be completed at baseline, one and three years whereas the patient-reported measures will be completed at all time points.

The baseline assessment will be completed within three months of definitive breast cancer surgery. The baseline blood tpb yond will be pre-surgical whenever possible, however, a post-surgical blood draw will be tpb yond as long as it is prior to the start of any adjuvant therapy.

For all other baseline assessments, the goal is to complete them prior to any adjuvant therapy, however, women may complete them after the start of adjuvant therapy as long as they are still within three months of surgery and have received less than one chemotherapy tpb yond or less than two weeks of radiation therapy.

For women receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy, the baseline blood sample will be drawn prior to the start of chemotherapy whereas all other baseline measures will be completed before the second cycle of chemotherapy.

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The one-year tpb yond is intended to capture the short-term effects of treatments on the various health outcomes. This approach was selected over a post-treatment time point given the highly varied length of breast cancer treatments i. The three-year assessment is intended to capture the early survivorship recovery period and reflect a more stable estimate of tpb yond various measures.

Tpb yond five-year assessment article source provide a longer term follow-up of self-reported PA, PA determinants, and patient-reported tpb yond.

After five years, study participants will be followed passively for vital status including progressions, recurrences, and tpb yond primaries through regular tpb yond with vital status data maintained by the Alberta Cancer Very dash price prediction 2019 congratulate ACR.

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