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Bonanza seller reviews 2019

bonanza seller reviews 2019No way to report a seller that steals information, no way to report complaint, I returned to Bonanza after a break of five or six years because of my feedback and all at the beginning of the July they had closed my account for no reason. View customer complaints of magazin-id.ru, BBB helps resolve disputes with the services or We've reported this seller to our team of experts for review.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

And message goes on to say I may not receive my merchandise. I bonanza seller reviews 2019 tried to contact the vendor and did bonanza seller reviews 2019 receive any response. I was not surprised.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

I assume they will not take any responsibility for this incident which Bonanza seller reviews 2019 consider fraud. Instead, they suggested I file a dispute with Paypal.

I have done this and don't necessarily expect to see any refund.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

I want to warn consumers not to use Bonanza. They are irresponsible and don't bonanza seller reviews bonanza seller reviews 2019 due diligence in carefully researching prospective vendors before they accept them on their website.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

Here's the message Bonanza. The seller associated with your purchase, ricyi, has been permanently suspended from Bonanza due to a violation of bonanza seller reviews 2019 User Agreement.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

This activity was identified after your order was placed. To protect our users, Bonanza errs on the cautious side when dealing with such sellers, and therefore we have permanently removed them from our community. We sincerely apologize bonanza seller reviews 2019 any inconvenience this has caused you.

Since this seller is no longer active on Bonanza, you may not receive magical crypto conference 2019 item you purchased.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

As such we highly recommend that you contact PayPal to file a dispute. For your financial security, PayPal does not permit Bonanza to file a dispute on your behalf.

We have included information on how to start the dispute process below.

Bonanza seller reviews 2019

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